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New Homes in the Triangle

Why buy new? 

In the Triangle we have everything from $200,000 production builder options to $2M custom builders. Depending where you want to live, there is a builder for you! It's important to know that simply because you are building a home, you might not be able to choose everything that goes into it. That will depend on the type of builder and community you are building in. Will walls be able to be moved here or there? Can you add a closet in that room? With a custom builder, you'll be able to make most floorplan modifications as well as make almost all design choices. With a production or national builder, most likely not. It can be frustrating to hear the word "no" when building a home, however there is generally a very good explanation why the builder cannot accommodate all the requests of buyers.  Working with an experienced Realtor will help you to understand what is reasonable to expect and what can be negotiated. 

Check Out these New Construction Homes


Why Buy a New Home?

Spec Homes

Many builders start one of their floor plans on a lot in a community without having a designated buyer. These are called spec homes. You'll be able to come in and purchase that home that is underway. Depending on how far in the process it is, you may not be able to make many changes. Once that home is completely finished, and if it hasn't been sold, you'll likely be able to negotiate a bit with the builder. The trade off of not choosing all of the feature can be worth it for some buyers to get to move in right away.  

From the Ground Up

If you have the patience and time to wait for your home to be built, a presale new construction home might be a good option for you. You'll choose the lot, the floorplans and all of the finishes in that home. It's important to understand what your options will be to customize your home. We help to explore exactly what is included and what you can expect your final price to be after you've made the design center selections. One word of caution - what you see in the model will not likely be available to you at the design center. We advocate for you throughout all the meetings with the builders from pre-drywall to the blue tape walk through. 

The Warranty

The last thing you want in a newly constructed home is to have to deal with unexpected or costly repairs. Luckily, most new homes will come with warranties from the builders to ensure that you won't have to deal with any surprises. You'll also have manufacturing warranties on all of your new systems as additional protection.

Energy and Cost Savings

Most newly constructed homes come complete with the latest appliances and heating and cooling units, which means that they're also likely made with energy efficiency in mind. From Energy Star certified bulbs to high efficiency washer and dryers, the appliances in newly constructed homes can help you save big on utility bills.

Ready to Find Your Home in The Triangle?

If you're thinking of buying a home in The Triangle area, then don't hesitate to contact our team! With years of local experience and expertise, we're here to help you with every aspect of your real estate journey, from learning more about the unique communities to finding your perfect home. Give us a call, and let's get started today!

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