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What's happening at CORE this month?

We aim to entertain, inform and give you a bit of insight on what is happening at Core each month. No stuffy, boring and useless newsletters here! Wacky holidays, homeowner tips and real month-by-month market updates are what we are all about. 

Hot Off the Press

June 2022

Market update and what we mean by whiplash. Just when we thought we had a handle on the market, it takes a bit of a shift. Blueberry farm map and a great recipe. 

May 2022

Are we headed for a crash? Hear what our BIC Jennifer Crawford has to say about all the rumors of a crash.

April 2022

You've heard that rates are rising but do you know what that means for you as a buyer or seller? We've got the answer, market stats and some great places to visit this month around North Carolina. 

March 2022

Things to do around the state, our February happy hour, and this month's home maintenance tip. Read our March newsletter!

February 2022

Numbers don't lie, home maintenance tip, two truths and a lie and market stats for the Triangle and Wilmington.

January 2022

Road trip suggestions for January, Home tips, Market Updates and More!

December 2021

Wrapping up one of the craziest years in real estate most of us have seen. Here's our newsletter with a yearly reflection of the year, our monthly two truths and a lie contest and the most recent Triangle wide regional market update. 

November 2021

We can't believe it's already November! It's been a truly crazy year and we are never short for true stories for our Two Truths and a Lie contest. Typically the lie is loosely related to a true story! See if you can tell which one is the lie to win a coffee gift card. 

October 2021

Check out our client Trunk or Treating Event! Hear our answer to the burning question "Will this bubble burst?" Our two truths and a lie contest and more!

September 2021

The new school year is upon us and we have a big announcement about a new office we are opening! 

August 2021

One of our leaders, Jennifer Crawford, shares how she bought and sold a home using the Ribbon program. Read all about it, our Two Truths and a Lie from the last month and more!

July 2021

New blog series where our agents head out and about each month to try out an area restuarant! Read up on the Hot Topic of Dual Agency and more!

June 2021

As we closed out May, we saw record breaking contracts, due diligence amounts, neighborhood records and so much more. We are rapidly changing our strategies to help buyers get into homes in a minute-by-minute hyper competitive market. Read all about Sight Unseen offers, market stats and of course our month 2 truths and a lie! 

May 2021

It's a crazy market so our Two Truths and a Lie are almost all hard to believe! Learn why we continue to stage homes even in this market. Read our stats, the top three agents for the month and some information on the Before and After contest.  

April 2021

We take an in-depth look at appraisals and what happens when a home doesn't appraise. We are also giving you some helpful tips on Spring Cleaning. Attn: Past Clients - we are bringing back our BEFORE & AFTER contest!

March 2021

March madness is here - read about some real estate madness in our monthly Two Truths & a Lie contest. In addition, read about Under Ground Storage Tanks learn some basic facts. This month we are also taking a deep dive into the options that sellers have who need to buy in this history low inventory market. 

February 2021

Have you ever wondered how we help our sellers navigate multiple offers? Here's some insight to what we look for and consider with our clients. Hiring a professional means you get to take full advantage of the market to not just get an offer, but get the strongest terms with the highest assurance of getting to the closing table. 

January 2021

We made it! Last January seems like a decade ago. So many things have changed this past year. What remains the same, perhaps with even more vigor, is our commitment to our clients. Read up on  our monthly home maintenance tips, daytrip suggestion, monthly contest and more!

December 2020

The craziest year is coming to a close. In this month's newsletter we discuss the backup offer and it's advantages and disadvantages. In addition, some tips on fireplace safety, top agents for November and of course our Two Truths and a Lie contest. 

November 2020

Do you need something to distract you for a few minutes. In this months newsletter we also discuss the trends we saw during the Parade of Homes, five reasons  why now is a good time to sell and of course our top three agents of the last month!

October 2020

Did you catch our new Day Tripping segment? If not, check out where we are planning to head this month.  In this months newsletter we also discuss the pros and cons of new construction, some basic facts on crawlspaces and a reminder of our client event this October. 

September 2020

Read for more information on our save the date for our client event, our new day tripping series, flood insurance. Ever wondered why we host open houses? Find out that and more in our September newsletter

August 2020

Times of tight inventory can make it tough for buyers negotiating in this market. We at CORE have designed two new tools for our buyers and sellers to help make things a little better for them.  Read more about it in this month's newsletter along with the market update and some quick facts on termites!

July 2020

As much as things have changed because of Covid, some things remain the same. Buyer are still out there in all price points. Read more regarding the pros and cons on Composite Decking, online resources and don't forget about our 2 truths and a lie contest!

June 2020

You'll surely want to find out read our 3 truths and a lie contest, suggested local self guided activities and some mortgage updates!  Don't forget about our market update and home maintenance tip of the month! 

May 2020

You'll surely want to find out more about our wacky May holidays, Dolly Parton storytime and our 3 truths and a lie contest!  We've been asked quite a bit if now is a good time to sell. Read what we have to say on the matter!

April 2020

The spring market was just revving up as the Covid-19 pandemic hit our country. Read about what our market is doing, how we are taking safety precautions and tips to make the best of this time. 

March 2020

The market is in full swing with low rates and high demand! Did you hear? We have a new office! Read more about the new office, interesting international real estate facts and the market update!

February 2020

What a great start to the year. Our phones are busy and some with calls you wouldn't on to see why! Save the date for our next client event, reduce plastic use in the home and so much more!

January 2020

A new decade! Read about our reflections of the first full year as a brokerage, our Before and After contest for past clients and some upcoming happenings in the Triangle for January.

December 2019

There are so many meaningful holidays in December and our top 10 gift giving website for unique gifts will help get you started in the right direction. Get out your calendar because we have Local Events, Wacky Holidays and a Save the Date to share with you as well! 

November 2019

Turkey Time is almost here so read about tips on creating your best bird. Don't miss what day to clean out your fridge and the best day this month to wear your Mickey Mouse attire. To learn about this and other happenings in the Triangle, read our November Newsletter.

October 2019

Fall is here! Ready to get out an about in the Triangle this month? We've got 6 great local events for you to check out! Curious about Closing Costs? We have the answers! Read on to see what the market is doing, gain some great tips to prepare your home for winter and so much more!

September 2019

Meet our newest Staff member, learn about how the Summer affected our market, the 10 Ten things to do to your home to sell for top dollar and mark you Calendar for October 26 for our Client Appreciation event

August 2019

Find out how this the market is fairing this summer along with insight on how the changes to our NC contracts might impact you. Don't forget to read all about our Agent of the Month, Jennifer Jenkins!

July 2019

The summer is heating up but the interest rates have stayed cool. Learn what that means for you. Along with all this heat, we'll give you some tips on how to lower your AC bill!

June 2019

Ever wonder when to dress like Wonder Woman? Or what to expect this summer in Real estate? Are you interested in a discount from a locksmith? Check out our June Newsletter to find out more. 

May 2019

What does Cookie Monster's Birthday, powerwashing and relocating all have in common? Read our May newsletter to learn more and get a useful coupon from one of our favorite service providers. 

April 2019

Tips on things to do when you move into a home along with an update for the end of the first quarter market! Don't worry, we've got some fun stuff in here too from Free Cone Day to the day Apple was launched.

March 2019

Inside our March Newsletter you'll learn about Nicole Condon, when National Oreo cookie day is and what winter home improvements you should be thinking about area. Also, learn about why we Corespot and how you can benefit from it.

February 2019

We're beginning to see signs of a shifting market. Read on to learn more and discover what you should do to get your home prepared to sell. Also, don't forget to market your calender for Galentines Day.

January 2019

Introducing our first edition of the 2019 Core Realty Advisors Newsletter. Read on to learn about why we started the company and how we can help you in all of your real estate needs.

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