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Interested in Joining the Core Team?


We are all about family. We share good news and celebrate each other. We are and will stay intentionally small so we make sure we invest in each other over numbers. We talk daily and share our personal lives and professional questions. Culture is not snacks and wearing is a shared set of values and a desire to work together toward a common goal. That goal is always keeping our clients’ interest at the forefront and deliver the CORE experience.

CARING We believe in having a heart for our client's interest above our own each and every time. 

ORGANIZED Being set up for success means having a plan in place. Organization is key to anticipating needs, mitigating risk and managing timelines

RESOURCEFUL In all aspects before and after closing, if you need something, we consider it our duty to find the person or service you need.

EXCEPTIONAL This is the holy grail. We want the clients to have an exceptional, well communicated, prompt and positive experience. We don't want to settle for less. 

The Support of a Team for Independent Agents

At a certain point in any real estate career everyone needs to start to think about help in order to maintain a high level of customer service. The concept out there is that this is when you start a team. All of our leaders have been on teams or even run one. There are good things and they have sought to bring those good aspects of a team to Core. However, there can be loss of autonomy. Something almost every real estate agent craves is autonomy. Getting to help in your own way, getting to make decisions about your schedule, your negotiations, some of that gets lost in the traditional team structure with one agent as the head and everyone else following suit. How do we solve the need to help and collaboration without losing autonomy? How can we allow everyone's success with a client to be their own? To allow every promise an agent makes to a client to be followed through by them alone but still have the support to do that on a larger scale. We formed a unique brokerage that does just that! We have support staff that comes, at no additional cost, as part of our value proposition to agents. We believe in providing the support every agent needs to be successful, providing them with the collaborative family approach that can be accomplished with a team, but still give each and every agent the ability to run their business as their own. We have a checklist and system for just about everything to help set you up for success but there is no requirement and nobody breathing down your neck to check in each and every day on what you have done. We have support staff for listings and closings that back you up, but you always stay in control of every transaction so that the client remembers you as the primary advocate! Unlike almost any brokerage, we try to promote each of our agents proactively. We lift you up, celebrating your successes publicly, so you don't have to go bragging on yourself! 

Who is a good candidate?

A full time agent who is scrappy, savvy, and ready to be a part of something great! Someone who is as ready to roll up their sleeves to help be in a funny promotional video as they are to roll up their sleeves and check out a crawlspace for a client. We encourage individuality but stay true to a few strong fundamentals - caring for our clients, a desire for organization, a resourceful agent who seeks to provide value to your clients and most importantly, an exceptional agent.  It also helps if you are funny. We hire based on funny too. Double points if you use memes on a daily basis.


We aspire to be good stewards of our time and resources to support the community we are proud to serve. We strive to make it a better world for those that call the Triangle home. Each agent is encouraged to have a charity that is personal to them that a portion of their closings goes towards. In addition, we collectively select a charity or organization to volunteer and donate money and time to as a whole. Each January we decide which charity speaks to us as a group and make our commitment to support them in any way we can.

Show me the money!

Splits are important in real estate. We believed from the very beginning in building a firm that would attract productive agents. After all, the three founders of the company were productive agents. We built it as an overall model that would attract someone who was successful and didn't want to pay high splits but knew there was value in some of the aspects a strong brokerage could provide. 

Next Steps

If this sounds like the brokerage that is the right fit for you, give us a call. We would love to have coffee to see if we are a good fit. We aren't looking to grow simply by adding on agent, but grow by adding on the right agents. Let's go on a first date and see if there is chemistry! Send us an email at or call 919-594-7183 to set up a time with the owner, Carrie Schlegel. 

Interested in Joining the Core Team?